The cat card game of cunning, mischief, and the
feline propensity for Schadenfreude.


Our first audiobook has landed in the shop!

Two to Six Players, Twenty Five to Sixty minute length, Medium Light difficulty

You Are a Cat…

You live in a House. You share this House with your pet Hoomin. The aim of Cantankerous Cats is to smother your Hoomin with Affection, then score points for manufacturing Mischief in your house. You must accomplish this while deftly deflecting the malicious machinations of other Cats in the neighborhood. The first Cat to score NINE Mischief Points is declared the winner!

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How to Play

The best way to learn Cantankerous Cats is to watch our tutorial videos in the Tips & Tricks section of the site. While the mechanics are simple in principle, there is a lot going on and learning through example tends to feel better for most new players.

We also have a PDF manual for you to browse if you are the book learning sort of Cat.


Three Ways to Play

Difficulty * ** ***
Learning Curve 3-5 min 10 min 20 min
Play Time 10-15 min 20-30 min 10-15 min per player
Play Style Party Casual Tournament
Instant Actions Optional YES
Pounce Tokens YES
Feral Cats YES

Try the game before you buy it! The Print & Play Edition is free to download, designed in Black & White to save ink, and will cost about $12 USD to print at your local office supply store if you don’t have access to a printer.

All game files are sized to 8″ x 10″, so you should be able to print these on US Letter or A4 International paper sizes.